Now many people don’t try to memorize many things because they rely on the Internet, GPS, cell phones, etc. “It’s not just aging baby boomers who are complaining about their lousy memories. Their kids, too, have forgotten how to remember phone numbers, driving directions and the basic data of daily life.” I have to admit, I also reply on technology to remind me about things and help me memorize too. When it comes to phone numbers, the only ones I have memorized is my cell phone and my house number (I also know my dad’s cell phone number only because it’s one number different than mine). I’ve tried memorizing my mom’s cell phone number but I can’t, and I guess it’s because I have her on speed dial. I reply on the Internet for recipes even though my mom says it’s better if I memorize some simple useful ones like rice and beans (since most Mexican dinners have it), but I forget either way. I rarely cook, anyways.  The one thing I’m good at memorizing are directions and streets. I never get lost. I like driving around and traveling. I believe that people most often remember stuff they are interested in.346850124_6c85db66c9_m[1]

I wish I could memorise math formulas because math is everywhere and I could do math more easily to solve mathematical problems. Math is not my things and even doing simple math can get me confused, so I wish I could memorize my multiplying table as well as dividing, addition and subtracting. All phones have calculators,so we have all the answers in our reach in just seconds. Other than math, I wish I could remember the definition of English roots so that whenever I come to an unknown words, to me, I can figure it out. I usually look up the definition of any word that I don’t know the definition to because with technology, I don’t need to get up and search it on a dictionary book. Even though I do that, the next time I see that word I don’t know it anymore, so I wish I could remember words I have looked up before. In a way Im greatful for all the technology we have at reach at every moment, but I believe it’s also bad because we take for granted many answers since we know we don’t NEED to memorize much since our devises can do it for us.

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